Amara Communications Co., Ltd. (ACS) is a leading provider of services to the telecommunications industry in Myanmar. Established in 2011 to tap into the country’s rapidly developing telecommunications market, ACS has been providing network rollout services which includes tower foundation civil works, installation of tower and radio communications equipment as well as operation and maintenance of towers.

ACS has also established a distribution network to distribute mobile top-up cards. In 2016, ACS won the license to operate a high-speed 4G+ network on the 2600 MHz spectrum. Today, ACS owns and operates Ananda, a 4G+ data operator that allows a liberating digital experience for consumers and enterprise users. Ananda is 100% owned by IGE Group and proud to be wholly Myanmar-owned with international service standards in Myanmar telecommunication sector.

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In 2019, Amara Distribution Services Co., Ltd. (ADS) is to succeed the productions and services in telecommunications market in Myanmar. ADS is now focusing on the business area of telecommunications network rollout, telecommunications operations and maintenance, outside plants infrastructure development, mobile top-up card manufacturing and distribution.

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Business Areas

Amara Communications have completed over 200 projects to date, providing end-to-end development of telecommunications infrastructure, including:

  • Site acquisition

  • Network design

  • Approval process

  • Civil works

  • Tower installation

  • Transmission installation

  • Power installation

  • Telecom installation

  • Commissioning

  • Optimization

Amara Communications provides a range of operations and maintenance services, including:

  • Radio Equipment

  • Transmission

  • Power: Generator & Solar

  • Tower & Earthing

  • Electrical Bill

  • Fuel Control

  • Building & Fencing

  • Site Rental

Amara Communications assists customers with estimation and design requirements associated with all facets of OSP construction, including:

  • Survey & Design

  • Trenching & Backfilling

  • Warning Tape Laying

  • Slab Laying

  • Fiber Optic Cable & Duct Installation

  • Stay Installation

  • Splicing & Termination

  • Pole Erection

  • Operational Quality Checking

Mobile Top-Up Card Manufacturing and Distribution

Amara Communications is a manufacturer of GSM, CDMA–800 and CDMA–450 top-up cards. We are also a distributor of top-up cards, E top-up for MPT, managing a distribution network of 6,000 point of sales across 17 townships in the Yangon North, Bago East and Tanintharyi regions.


Ananda is a 4G+ data operator in Myanmar managed by Amara Communications. Delivering high-speed, high-quality and reliable broadband solutions to consumers and enterprise users, Ananda aims to enable a truly liberating digital experience. For more information about Ananda, please visit


Address: No. 114, Kaba Aye Pagoda Rd., Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Phone: +95 9 969981200, 969 981 243