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Daw Aye Mya Mya Kyi

Chief Executive Officer
Amara Communications Co., Ltd. 

Daw Aye Mya Mya Kyi is an experienced businesswoman and manager with specialized expertise in the areas of logistics, procurement, and banking. As Amara Communications Co., Ltd.(ACS) CEO, Daw Aye Mya Mya Kyi is responsible for overseeing all business operations and finances as well as charting ACS’s expansion strategy. Daw Aye Mya Mya Kyi has spent more than ten years with IGE Group, serving in a range of roles and businesses. She first joined IGE Group in 2000 as Assistant Manager for Exports, building relationships with international buyers and assisting them with their business investments. In 2002, Daw Aye Mya Mya Kyi was part of the team that set up IGE’s first international office in Singapore, where she served as General Manager. After a hiatus from the Group from 2005 to 2012, Daw Aye Mya Mya Kyi re-joined IGE Group as General Manager of ACS. She was promoted to ACS CEO in 2014.

Daw Aye Mya Mya Kyi began her career as an Assistant Manager for Myanmar Daewoo. She also worked as a Logistics Executive at Megha. Finally, from 2005 to 2012, Daw Aye Mya Mya Kyi worked with Amara Counter trade Co. Ltd. of Singapore, assisting with trade transactions and exports. Daw Aye Mya Mya Kyi holds a BS in Physics from Yangon University as well as an MBA from the Yangon Institute of Economics. While in Singapore she obtained a diploma in supply chain management from the Singapore Logistics Association.