HR Manager - Learning & Organizational Development

Yangon, Myanmar

Reports to Head of Department, Corporate HR, incumbent contributes in identifying, planning, implementing and managing all Organisational Development initiatives. He / She undertakes any relevant departmental and Corporate Human Resources projects, and ensure timely completion of projects.

 Role and Responsibilities

The key responsibilities are to;

  • Manage to identify and propose recommendations and solutions for areas of improvements needed group-wide on organizational development initiatives to help improve on efficiency level. 

  • Review, design and implement Recruitment and Talent Assessment process together with Recruitment team.

  • Design and develop Talent Management and Development programme and implement Succession Planning.

  • Lead SBUs and CBUs to design and implement Functional Competency Framework.

    Responsible to develop and implement new Learning & Organizational Development policies and procedures

  • Responsible to source and develop training materials, multimedia visual aids, and other learning materials based on Learning Needs. 

  • Design and conduct training programmes / workshops according to the Learning Needs. 

  • Responsible to identify and implement Learning Needs Identification, and confer with managers to determine Learning Needs and support to SBU’ HR in process. 

  • Responsible to monitor and assess employees’ learning progress during in-house training. 

  • Responsible to assess and report employees’ Learning Outcomes after training programmes / workshops. 

  • Review, update and conduct Induction / Orientation Programme and process. 

  • Keep abreast with current Learning and Organisational Development trends, and introduce relevant and applicable ones to the organisation. 

  • Assist in any other ad-hoc Corporate Human Resources initiatives and duties that may be assigned from time to time. 


Qualifications and Education Requirement


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management subject or equivalent professional knowledge in related HR field, preferred in MBA or HR certify professional.
  • Minimum 5 years' relevant working experience in HR preferably in a public-listed / corporate company / multi-national company with at least 2 years experiences at assistant manager/Manager level. 
  • Minimum 2 years in Learning & Organisational Development. 



  • Excellent working experiences 
  • Closely working together with Management team.

What's great in the job?

  • You get leads and focus on developing people as value assets.
  • You get excellent learning and develop working experiences. 
  • High commissions for good performers.
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Company Growth:

50% YoY

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