CSR Policy


      To develop CSR actions for social and environment development in establishing sustainable business models in the group.
      To encourage all the staff to participate in the CSR program and to recognize the needs of the development of communities and environment.

      CSR Policy

      IGE Group makes commitment to have sustainability of the economics, social and environment for the sake of those stockholders connecting with the group’s business. IGE believes that Corporate Social Responsibilities is to share our values to all the participants. This CSR policy applies to all employees in the Group.

      Our Understanding of CSR

      GE Group is a Myanmar national privately-owned company. The Group realizes that its investment and operation is not just for the profit but for the necessary sustainable plans in business, the development of society and environment. The Group also believes that the actual development would come from corporations between the communities and company. With the vision to drive sustainable growth and development in Myanmar through responsible investment and bringing deep expertise in collaboration with our partners, we hope to share our values to all stake holders.

      CSR Team

      • CSR team is formed under the guidance of Group CEO to be able to implement effectively
      • CSR activities are to implement by cooperation with CSR team, Departments in Corporates and SBU, Corporate Communications
      • All are to participate in CSR planning, activities
      • Yearly CSR activities and budgets are required to be submitted

      Roles and Responsibilities

      • CSR programs and activities are organized by CSR team and Corporate Communication Department and staff in each department occasionally participate for the program
      • Each department or CSR activities of each SBU are also to promote CSR related activities
      • Yearly CSR detail program, location, time and expenditure are to be developed and submitted
      • Analyzing the CSR activities which are implemented
      • CSR activities records were kept and make annual report

      Evaluations and budget allocations

      • Instructions for yearly CSR activities are to be given by Group CEO after evaluation
      • CSR fund are reserved from the net profit of company revenues

      Participation in Natural Disaster

      Emergency Response Group are formed to assist cash donation or volunteers to the natural disaster hit area under the directorship of the Group.


      To identify and to prevent unnecessary things while doing CSR activities in the communities, all the staff who participate in the CSR program have to dress the uniform with Company Brand provided by the Company.

      CSR Scope

      Education, Health and Environment

      • Participating and assisting in the CSR programs or campaigns which can share knowledge for education, health and mental development
      • Participate in knowledge sharing, sport activities and campaigns
      • Participating in cleaning campaigns

      Implementation process

      • Discussion with concerned social organizations, non-government organizations, authorities for the effective CSR program
      • Developing CSR programs
      • Inform to the participants and set the date of activities
      • Arranging transportation, food, drinks for the participants
      • Record takings


      • Safety plans are also included in the CSR program or activities to keep the participants safe while implementing.