Board Policy

Our Board Policies

Directors' Orientation and Continuous Education Training

All newly appointed Board members shall undergo a formal induction and continuous education program to ensure that they understand: 

  • their roles and responsibilities;
  • the Board’s expectations in terms of their knowledge contribution;
  • the nature of the Group’s business;
  • current issues faced; and
  • strategies adopted by the Group.

All Directors shall ensure that they keep abreast of regulatory changes, other developments and broad business trends. The Board must evaluate the training needs of its Directors on a continuous basis and ensure all Directors have access to appropriate continuing education programs.

Disclosure of Directors' interest in transactions and any other conflicts of interest

Every director of a company who is in any way, whether directly, or indirectly, concerned or interested in a contract or arrangement, or proposed contract or arrangement, entered into or to be entered into, by or on behalf of the company, shall disclose the nature of his/her concern or interest at a meeting of the Board of directors.

In the case of a proposed contract or arrangement, the disclosure required to be made by a director at the meeting of the Board at which the question of entering into the contract or arrangement is first taken into consideration, or if the director was not, at the date of that meeting, concerned or interested in the proposed contract or arrangement, at the first meeting of the Board held after he becomes so concerned or interested.

In the case of any other contract or arrangement, the required disclosure shall be made at the first meeting of the Board held after the director becomes concerned or interested in the contract or arrangement.