Our Sustainability


As one of the multi-businesses group in Myanmar, IGE aims to drive sustainable growth and development in Myanmar through responsible investment and collaboration with our partners. IGE Group understand the importance of environmental, social and governance impacts on businesses and stakeholders. As a result, IGE formulated 5-years strategic plan for its business plans and monitoring systems combined with sustainable development goals to be a strong, trustworthy and respected group of companies in Myanmar supporting the country development.

IGE has chosen to focus on 6 basic goals from UN’s 17-Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aimed for developing toward better and more sustainable future. We believe those 6-focused SDGs are in line with our values and missions of IGE (investment, growth and expertise). Our Board have allocated significant resources and integrated business action plans toward meeting those objectives.

Strategic Development by "Strategy and Business Planning Committee"

Strengthening Corporate Governance and Transparent Group Structure

Integration to Advance Technology and IT Systems

Adopting Proper International Standards and Systems

  • Encourage Effective Partnership (Innovation, Growth, Expertise)
  • Promote Sustainable Technologies
  • Improve Water Quality, Wastewater Treatment and Safe Reuse
  • Support Local Engagement in Watr and Sanitation Management
  • Safe & Affordable Housing
  • Affordable & Sustainable Transport System
  • Full Participation in Leadership & Management
  • Equal Rights in Workplace
  • Develop Sustainable & Inclusive Instructure
  • Promote Sustainable Industrialization
  • Developing People in Career Success
  • Youth Development Program
Encourage Effective Partnership (Innovation, Growth, Expertise) Encourage and promote most effective partnership model with different stakeholders (Investors, Governments, Operators, Customer, Employee, Suppliers)
Business Integrity Good practice of Company Policies, Corporate Governance and Compliance with laws and regulations
Safe & Affordable Housing Supporting in development of low cost housing for public workforce.

Develop Sustainable & Inclusive Infrastructure Promoting Special Development Zones with infrastructures (Road, Bridges, Electrical, Water Supply and Drainage)
Affordable & Sustainable Transport System Participating in Public Transport System for the convenience of the public
Promote Sustainable Industrialization
Promote modernize industrialization to support country GDP and local employment

Promote Renewable Energy Involved in renewable energy program for sustainable environment
Improve Water Quality, Wastewater Treatment and Safe Reuse Involved in Waste Water Treatment and Water Treatment program to promote public health and hygiene
Support Local Engagement in Water and Sanitation Management Promote systematic water supply program and waster water treatment technology for long term sustainability of water resource
Promote Sustainable Technologies Promoting modernized efficient technology in strategic business units and projects
Full Participation in Leadership & Management Support equal participation, opportunities and decision making to all levels of management in organization according to corporate governance structure
Equal Rights in Workplace Encourage equal treatment in all the business areas and operations
Developing People in Career Success
Supporting employees to develop their career with further study, training and coaching program

Youth Development Program Supporting scholarship programs for young generation for long-term youth development and sustainability with proper succession plan
Human Rights Practicing Standard Ethics and Whistle Blowing Policy with fair and secure working environment for employees
HSE Policy
Practicing Standard HSE management plan to avoid adverse impact or injury to people, resources, environment & community