Who We Are


About IGE

With over 20 years in Myanmar, IGE Group is a multi-business company providing tangible results in various high-growth sectors of the economy, including infrastructure in telecommunications, power, energy, real estate, construction, agriculture and hospitality.

A driving force in Myanmar’s business community, IGE Group is both diverse and distinctive. Over the years, IGE Group has consistently reinvented and adapted to keep in line with the evolution of Myanmar, growing in current industries as well as moving into new areas as business opportunities arise and greater development is needed.

Employing more than 1,300 employees across six business units, IGE Group leverages its network, resources and talents to grow its key businesses.


Our vision is to drive sustainable growth and development in Myanmar through responsible investment and bringing deep expertise in collaboration with our partners.


To be the most professional and principled corporation in Myanmar by adhering to the highest standards of governance and transparency, developing our most valuable asset – our people, delivering tangible results in high-growth sectors of the economy, and giving back to society via carefully developed CSR programs. To be a strong, trustworthy and respected Myanmar Group of Companies benefitting the country at large while embracing CSR.

                                                                                                                                                                     This Vision & Mission is reviewed by BOD in 2022

Our Goal

Our goal is to support and contribute to the growth and development of the industries and the regions we invest in. In that way, jobs will be created, capacity of this country will be upgraded and the future growth of this country will be stronger.

Coherent growth strategy based on economics and internal capabilities
  • Strategic transformation with third party
  • Long term strategy formulation
  • Business planning by "strategy" and "business planning" committees
Defining clearer group structure
  • Strengthen corporate governance
  • Establish independent business units for strategic BOD involvement
Implementation of international standards
  • Adopt accounting system with IFRS standards
  • Upgrading IT by implementing higher technologies for office administration, ERP and CRM
  • Setting up SOPs according to ISO standards
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Form strategic partnerships to serve the consumer better.

We join hands with strong local and international partners to bring fruitful benefits to local consumers. Combining IGE's local expertise and knowledge with partners' capabilities in technical and investment to produce valued products and services beneficial to all stakeholders.

Nurture our workforce to be professional employees.

We create a safe working environment with motivation, job satisfaction, well-being and advance in technology for all the employees.

Corporate Value & Objectives


We believe that innovation is crucial for our company’s advancement and development. We encourage our people to be innovative, to continually strive to improve, build and increase our competitiveness in the international market.


We are 100% committed to deliver the best to our customers – both internal and external. We emphasise on putting our customer's wishes at the center of our operations and thinking- every second of the day. We live by and for our customers’ success, and we want to be their top-of-mind choice.


We are committed to act and behave in all honesty, trustworthiness, and be respectful at all times, in all dealings, with our colleagues, with our customers and with all our stakeholders, as it is a fundamental requisite of business success.


We believe our people are our greatest asset, and we provide and environment that promotes education, coaching, mentoring and feedback. We believe in constantly developing our employees to help them realise their potential, to challenge and develop their career knowledge.


We are committed to deliver the best quality work and services to all clients with accuracy and punctuality, to serve our profession and to positively influence all around us. We believe in carry ourselves in the best conduct in the professional and social environment to upkeep the success of our brand.


We are committed to collaborate with all our stakeholders: our clients, colleagues and business partners to work towards a common goal, and value everyone’s quality, capabilities and talents, and accept their weaknesses and limitations, equally with respect, to deliver the best and be the best in what we do!

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