CSR Activities in 2021

Since the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, IGE Group has been caring for and supporting the medical cover treatments, preventions, and actions for IGE employees and their families who have been affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

IGE Group formed the "IGE Volunteer and Medical Cover Team" to provide care and support to employees as needed. It established the IGE Q center and isolated employees, and family members affected by the Covid-19 outbreak in there. IGE Group hired qualified health workers such as doctors and nurses for this. They have been cared for and supported through teleconsulting and counselling, as well as special treatments provided through a 24-hour mobile home visit program.

Experiential learning & training, such as Medical and Safety awareness training related to Covid 19, prevention and care methods, disinfections, Basic Life-Saving Techniques, and so on, was provided by qualified health workers such as doctors to IGE Volunteer & Medical Cover Team members.

Within the Covid third wave outbreak, IGE Volunteer & Medical Cover Team Members were able to eliminate the need for oxygen and provide necessary medications.

Furthermore, we founded the "IGE Center Family Clinic" for our employees and their families to provide health care treatments and practices both within and after Covid.

In the IGE Center, IGE Group conducted a total of 257 employees and their families. There were 103 people who received IGE Teleconsulting & Counselling, 74 people who received IGE Center Family Clinic, 62 people who received Covid-Test, 9 people who received special treatment in IGE Center Care, and 9 people who received Home Visit Care.

IGE Group provided Covid vaccines to employees and family members twice; Covidsheild the first time and Sinopharm a booster for Covid-19 prevention.

Oxygen Plant to be constructed in IGE GROUP in November

In the third wave of Covid-19 in Myanmar, patients with severe infections faced challenges such as a lack of required medicines for treatment, oxygen, and insufficient spaces in hospitals/clinics and the Covid Care Center. For patients with severe COVID-19, timely oxygen supply is a critical factor in determining survival and mortality, and it also plays an important medical role in COVID-19 treatment.

As a result, in order to support the health care of our employees and their families as much as possible, the IGE Group spent more than 100 million kyats to build the Oxygen Generation Plant, which can produce approximately 24 (40-litre) oxygen containers per day, and to purchase oxygen equipment for direct Oxygen treatment to Covid patients at the IGE Center. 

We are now able to supply some of the oxygen required by our company family members and the community. With the operation of Oxygen Generation, necessary medicines, medical aids, and treatment facilities for Covid have been established in order to provide intimate care to Covid patients who require emergency treatment and those who require Oxygen. 

Our IGE Group is committed to people's health and well-being and from one side, it is an organization that is ready to provide the best possible support to social needs.