IGE Foundation

Since IGE Group was established, we have contributed to many charitable initiatives in the communities where we work. These have included micro-finance programs, community assistance projects, disaster relief and primary school construction.

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One of IGE Group’s most significant projects has been with Yangon’s Monastic Education Centre, which assists hundreds of orphaned children from conflict areas in Myanmar as well as those from poor families by providing food and clothing, professional medical care and education. We have provided financial support to the Monastic Education Centre for many years, including the construction of a five-story building that provides accommodation for more than 200 children, outfitting it with beds, storage and other facilities based on international standards for children’s homes. Additionally, IGE staff members under the guidance of IGE Co-Founder and Honorable Director Khin Moe Nyunt have sought to improve the wellbeing of the children, volunteering their time and good will to help provide them with additional care.

Growing out of this meaningful project, IGE Group plans to set up a foundation, to provide more effective and responsible support for educational initiatives. The foundation’s activities will be funded through an annual commitment by the IGE Group and governed by a board independent of the IGE Group. The foundation aims to improve the prospects for future generations by supporting education initiatives in Myanmar. 

The foundation will have a special focus on three areas through its human society development program, which will be planned together with international experts in the fields of education, vocational training, and capital investment management. A well-structured foundation plan is currently being developed and the registration process has begun.

The three focus areas include:

Education Center: The foundation will establish a free education center for orphans and children from low-income families. The center will have a link to the public education system and will provide shelter, food, professional medical care, clothes, and access to educational facilities for children from primary school through university matriculation. The foundation also plans to provide scholarships to outstanding students from low-income communities who, after graduating from the center, want to continue their education abroad.

Vocational Schools: The foundation is in the process of setting up vocational schools that aim to provide tuition to young adults who are not seeking higher education, as well as to unemployed youth. The schools will provide vocational education and training in areas where IGE Group claims expertise, such as engineering, hospitality, and management, to help students obtain future employment and encourage those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Capital Funding for Young Entrepreneurs: The foundation will foster innovation in small businesses through technology by starting a micro-loan program. Additionally, the foundation will link arms with the Vocational Schools program and provide start-up capital to talented young entrepreneurs who have excelled in their education at these schools in their respective fields.

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