Myanmar Rice Trading Co., Ltd. (MRT) was established in 2001 to do rice trading business and expanded to timber trading business in 2005.

MRT has stopped Round-log timber export in March 2014, in accordance with the Government's Log Export Ban Policy on timber and the downstream plant is in the process of shutting down.

Ever since, MRT has entered into the value chain expansion in the agricultural sector especially rice contract farming starting from seed, cultivation, harvesting supervision, processing and export of quality rice to dedicated markets with the aim of promoting the development of Agriculture sector in Myanmar.



To become a reliable and leading MYANMAR rice supplier to the global market.

To establish a world – class rice export business that will export a wide range of rice from top rice brands at affordable prices to rice dealers all across countries in the world.

To reach out the rice producing farmers and benefitting those with Contract Farming Technologies thereby becoming the largest production of rice based providing plantation requirements.


To promote MYANMAR rice into the global market.

To provide the best rice tailored to consumer requirements

To transform agricultural activities into a business opportunity and introduce the farmers and corporate sector to increase the agriculture productivity using state of the modernized agricultural technologies.

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The purpose of the MRT Agriculture Business is to promote the development of rice industry and agriculture business not only for local market but also for the export.

In addition, it is currently engaged in contract farming for Fragrance rice variety. We are keen to cooperate with foreign partners and the investors.

  • To promote rice cultivation contract farming
  • To be sufficient for local consumption and dilate the export volume
  • To increase outturn of each acre
  • To implement characteristically the warranty price system
  • To produce the pure paddy
  • To maintain the natural environment and economy

Agriculture Business

MRT  has merged with Hanthawady Green Land Public Co., Ltd. since April 2019 and established new company called The Perpetual Co., Ltd. (TPC) to enlarge the Contract Farming.

TPC specialized to export the hybrid quality rice over in 2019 – 2020 especially to China, and Europe, Africa and Indonesia.

MRT aims to mobilize 10,000 Acres of contract farming at Ayeyarwaddy Region as the pilot projects through supporting the agricultural technologies from Myanmar Aye Yar Long Ping and quality hybrid seeds from New Aye Yar-3.

Agriculture Business

MRT mainly emphasizes to expand the contract farming in Nay Pyi Taw and Bago Region in phrase by phrase and also plan to establish the owned rice mill for hybrid export quality of rice.

MRT employs a team of 634 full-time staff members across eight departments, including marketing, logistics, production, finance, business development, cargo & transport, human resources, and administration.

Safety and skills training seminars are provided to staff members every three months. Additional training is provided on an as-needed basis.


HQ office
Address: No. 36-G, 37-F, Level-20, Office Tower (2), Time City, Corner of Kyun Taw Street and Hantharwaddy Road, (7) Quarter, Kamayut Township, Yangon, Myanmar 11041.
Ph : +95 773777711