Promotion Policy


  1. The purpose is to provide employees with appropriate opportunities, encouragement and career growth, consistent with their contribution to the growth of the organisation.
  2. To ensure fairness, consistency and uniformity in the matter of promotion in the IGE Group of Companies.
  3. It aims to retain talented employees within IGE Group of Companies for future purposes too.


This policy applies to all permanent employees (PE) of IGE Group of Companies who qualifies for promotion.


  1. Promotion is vertical movement of an employee from one job to a higher one, with increase in salary, status and responsibilities within the organisation.
  2. Permanent Employee (PE) is an employee who has successfully completed the probationary period and is appointed as PE under the regular employment in a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) or Corporate Business Unit (CBU) of IGE Group of Companies.
  3. A Skill-set is a particular category of knowledge, abilities, and experience necessary to perform a job.
  4. Natural Progression means yearly promotion process with nomination based on performance appraisal result.
  5. Vacancy is available, means that vacancy is available when there are any types of termination, promotion, transfer arises or new position is created as per approved organization.


  1. IGE Group of Companies promote employees based on their performance and workplace conduct such as disciplinary issues, attitudes etc.
  2. No multiple levels of promotion are permitted within a financial year.
  3. Do not promote based on years of service.
  4. HODs must have approved organisation structure.
  5. Promotions may occur when:
    Type A. there is natural progression:
    Type B. a vacancy is available.
    • For Type A, the immediate superior/BU’s Head/BU’s Board must nominate for promotion when yearly performance appraisal (PA) period based on performance result.
    • For Type B, employees are allowed to apply one level higher vacant position through promotion process. Employees are only allowed to apply up to GM/COO positions.
  6. For any promotion type, the nominated person/applicant must meet ALL the following eligibility criteria:
    • Employee who has successfully completed minimum one (1) year of service continuously in the current position and department within the same SBU.
    • Employee must have high performance level.

      a) If the employee has less than (2) years of service, he or she must have Rating 5 or excellent in yearly PA (or)

      b) If the employee has (2) years and above of service, he or she must have at least Rating 3 or meet expectation in the First year and Rating 4 or exceed expectation in next consecutive year.

    • Employee must not have any disciplinary action taken/warning in last one (1) year.
    • Employee must meet the minimum requirements of the new role such as knowledge, skill-set and technical competencies.
  7. Human Resources Department (HRD) must check the eligibility criteria for all promotions.


  1. For natural progression (Type A),
    • In every last quarter of the financial year, the immediate superior must access PA for every employee.
    • The immediate superior nominates promotion for high performed employees according to DOA together with yearly business plan.
  2. For a vacancy is available (Type B),
    • If there is a vacancy, concerned HOD notifies Human Resources Department together with a clearly defined Job Description (JD), Technical competencies, approved organisational structure and budget.
    • HRD must advertise new positions internally and externally, refer to Recruitment and Selection Policy
    • The interested employee must officially submit promotion request letter, updated CV and his/her HOD’s recommendation to apply.
  3. HRD must verify the nominated employees/applicant with eligibility criteria.
  4. If the nominated employee/applicant meets the eligibility criteria, HRD must assist for promotion interview based on candidate’s performance result and workplace conduct. For promotion interview’s DOA, refer to Recruitment and Selection Policy’s DOA
  5. When the candidate is successful, HRD must inform candidate and his/her current HOD with letter of promotion.
  6. Then,HRD keeps the records of the process in employee’s personal data file.


The promotion process must be according to the below Delegation of Authority (DOA)

  1. For natural progression (Type A),
    Process Requested by Verified by First Approval Agreed by
    BU’s Head BU’s Board CHRD X Main Board
    GM/COO BU’s Head HRD X BU’s Board
    DGM & Below Immediate Superior HRD HOD BU’s Board

  2. Promotion when a Vacancy is Available (Type B),
    Process Requested by Verified by First Approval Agreed by
    GM/COO Employee HRD BU’s Head BU’s Board
    DGM & Below Employee HRD HOD BU’s Board

Forms (Reference Documents)

HR-FM-PM-001    :Promotion Request Letter by Employee(Type B Promotion only)
HR-FM-PM-002    :Promotion Approval Form
HR-FM-PM-004    :Letter of Promotion
HR-FM-PM-004    :Promotion Documents Check List

Amendments/ Modifications

Board of Directors/ Chief Executive Officer/ Any Authorised Personnel of IGE Group of Companies may, at any time, depending upon the requirements of the Organisation modify/amend and/or alter any of the provisions of the promotion policy in the overall interest of the Organisation.