Recruitment and Selection Policy


To ensure that a transparent and fairly recruitment and selection process that results in the appointment of the suitable candidate, based solely on merit and best-fit with IGE Group of Companies' values, objectives, and goals.


The policy applies to all vacancies (including BODs) and all parts of the Recruitment and Selection process within IGE Group of Companies. The policy applies to all available potential applicants and employees.


  1. Recruitment: can be defined as searching for and obtaining a pool of potential candidates with the desired knowledge, skills and experience to allow an organisation to select the most appropriate candidates to fill job vacancies against defined job description and specification.
  2. Selection: Once a pool of candidates has been identified through the recruitment process, the most appropriate candidate or candidates are identified through a selection process including but not limited to interviewing, reference checking and assessment.
  3. Immediate Family Members: Employees' spouse, parents and grandparents, children and grandchildren, brothers and sisters, mother-in-law and father-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, daughter-in-law and son-in-law. Adopted and step-members are also included in immediate family.


    • For any vacancy which has been approved by the Board, the recruiting department must request for new employee with the required forms which are 1) Employee Request Form (HR-FM-R&S-OOJ) and 2) JD and JS (HR-FMR&S-002) together.
    • Human Resources Department (HRD) will coordinate with line manager to agree on roles, responsibilities and specifications of vacant position based on department needs.
    • IGE Group of Companies is commitment to equality, diversity (age, gender, religion and race) and fairness in any recruitment process.
    • The selection must be based on the requirement of recruiting departments such as qualification, experience, knowledge, competencies and performance potentiality.
    • Only Key and Critical Positions (Senior Manager and above) are allowed to recruit through Recruitment Agencies.
    • Maximum of two (2) candidates should be shortlisted in final interview with Candidates Comparison Form (HR-FM-R&S-003).
    • Salary Negotiation and Salary offer can only be dealt by HRD.
    • Existing employees can apply for any vacancies if their competencies, experiences and qualifications match with the requirements of the vacancies. If the applied position is same grade with CUlTent position, the entire process must follow the transfer policy (HR-PP-OS-004). If the applied position is one level higher, the process must follow the promotion policy (HR-PP-PM-OOl).
    • The qualified candidates who aged 60 years and above is allowed to consider as consultant and advisor positions.
    • To avoid conflict of interest, immediate family member of existing employees are not allowed to recruit in the same department and/or same SBU.
    • If the existing employees who work in either same department or different departments in same SBU get married, (if those departments can cause conflict of interest, for example: Finance and Purchasing/ Sales/ Logistics/ Store),
      • anyone of employees must transfer to suitable different department.
      • if there is no suitability in different department, Head of SBU (HoS) and related HRD need to coordinate external transfer to different SBUs.
      • if external transfer is successful, service year will be carried forward.
      • if there is no suitability in different SBUs, one party must agree to resign voluntarily
    • For Project-Based Recruitment, suitable candidate is allowed to recruit as contracted employee with specific duration (starting date and ending date) of the project.
    • If the project is temporarily (not more than 3 months) being put on hold for unforeseen circumstances (weather condition, environmental issues, political issues, etc.), the employee will be transferred to another project.
    • If no other project of similar portfolio or required skills and knowledge needed, the employee’s contract will be temporarily frozen with partial salary (%pay) and that decision will be made by Concerned Management Team until further notice or termination with mutual agreement.
    • Eligibility Criteria
      Former employee who meets the following criteria can re-apply for any vacant position
      • The separation process must be voluntary resignation. Any dismiss is not allowed.
      • The candidate must have at least “Meet Expectation” of performance history record (at least one year) in related SBU.
      • The candidate must not have any disciplinary written warning in history record preceding the last day of service within last 12 months.
      • The candidate can only re-apply to same level after (3) months duration of separation.
      • For higher position, the candidate can only re-apply after (12) months duration of separation.
    • Re-employment is only allowed for one (1) time.


  1. Recruiting department must provide Employee Request Form (HR-FM-R&S001) and confirmed Job Description in the standard template (HR-FM-R&S002).
  2. HRD must identify the vacancy and check the requested headcount with the approved organisation chart.
  3. All vacancies will be advertised through internally and externally via Job Website, IGE Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Office 365 and any other channels, etc.
  4. HRD will filter, screen and pre-shortlisted to all CVs which meet the requirement of the vacant positions as per JD & JS when applied CVs receive.
  5. HRD will conduct the telephone screening to pre-shortlisted candidates, to evaluate necessary information according to the Job Description.
  6. HRD will send the pre-shortlisted CVs to recruiting department’s head for screening and select short-listed for interview.
  7. HRD will inform short-listed candidates on interview time, duration, date, venue, interview structure and process, and interviewer’s name & position after receiving short-listed from recruiting department.
  8. HRD will facilitate different types of assessment on the short-listed candidates depending on the needs and level of position.
  9. Recruiting line manager will assess with Function competencies and Interview Assessment Form (HR-FM-R&S-004). Interview Summary Sheet will be completed by HRD.
  10. HRD will inform all unsuccessful candidates of final interview via formal emails within ten (10) working days.
  11. For manager and above position and some specific positions which have conflict of interest (example: cashier, store and so on), HRD must conduct Reference Check for the final selected candidates.
  12. HRD arrange pre-employment medical check-up process for selected candidate.
  13. When candidate passes medical check-up, HRD will send offer letter to the candidate (Manager and above positions).
  14. HRD is also responsible to coordinate between candidate and management, on the terms of acceptance to the offer.
  15. The employment contract must be signed with employee within three (3) days after on-boarding. For project staff, the employment contract must be signed with one (1) month after on-boarding.
  16. HRD will record new employee’s information in personal data file.


The interview process must be according to the Delegation of Authority.
*** SHR = SBU’s HR

Process 1st Interview Final Interview Approval
BU’s Board/BU’s Head BU’s Board & CHR Main Board & CHR Main Board
GM/COO BU’s Head & HRD BU’s Board & HRD BU’s Board
DGM to Manager HOD/ BU’s Head & HRD HOD/ BU’s Head & HRD BU’s Head
AM & Below HOD & HRD HOD & HRD(if needed) BU’s Head


HR-FM-R&S-OOI:    Employee request form
HR-FM-R&S-002:   Job Description and Job Specification Format
HR-FM-R&S-003:   Candidates comparison fOlID
HR-FM-R&S-004:   (a) Interview Assessment Form (Executive & Above)
HR-FM-R&S-004:   (b) Interview Assessment Form (Others)
HR-FM-R&S-OO5:   Reference Check Form
HR-FM-R&S-006:   (a) Medical check-up request format
HR-FM-R&S-006:   (b) Agreement for Medical check-up request
HR-FM-R&S-007:    Offer Letter
HR-FM-R&S-008:   (a) Employment contract
HR-FM-R&S-008:   (b) Employment contract (Project based)
HR-FM-R&S-009:   Code of conduct
HR-FM-R&S-010:    Non-Disclosure Agreement
HR-FM-R&S-O11:    Employee detail information format