Chairman’s Message

It has been 25 years since we have been in business, and the way of conducting business has changed over the years. To adapt to the business climate and environment, we have widely diversified over the years. While it was necessary then, business landscape has totally changed and current business environment requires even greater professionalism of international standards.

That is why we have reviewed our past strategies with international consulting firms, establish a revised road map for the whole IGE Group, streamlined our focus on businesses, our corporate governance and accounting system. We know there will be a long journey to such change but we are dedicated to implement it with continuous improvement.

As a result today, our lines of business are much clearer focusing on building infrastructure such as telecommunication, power, energy, construction & real estate and financial services. The areas which contribute to the long-term development of our country and the public.

We aim to improve access to electricity, which is the key to develop the country’s industries. We also aim to build roads for better transport and logistics for better flow of the commodities. We are looking to upgrade digital platforms, which the new Myanmar needs. We aim to provide better financial services to the people of Myanmar when they go from local to global.

This is one of the reasons why we are looking to strengthen our corporate governance by forming strong dedicated boards and professional management teams making sure that all the directors apply for certification and strengthen with professional CEOs.  We are restructuring our financial system from foundation by implementing ERP system, etc.  Also, organizational development is very important and we need the right people at the right places. As much as we want to develop our businesses, we will be investing in our people by providing continuous trainings from board level till down and bringing in subject matter experts on board, when and where necessary. As I always say, our people are the key element who will take us to the next level of our goal.

We will work hard to build responsible businesses that contribute to the country and the communities at large. Across our businesses, our goal is to support and contribute to the growth and development of the industries and the regions we invest in. In that way, jobs will be created, capacity of this country will be upgraded and the future growth of this country will be stronger.

It is not just about us. We believe we can only grow when every part of the communities grows. We are committed to contribute to the growth of the whole business community by sharing the business knowledge and experiences we have gained over the years whenever and wherever we can.

Giving a word of  “Today success is because of all of you, so, it is yours” on 27 October 2019, at the 25th Anniversary of IGE Group to all IGE staffs participated in the celebration to express our great thanks to each of the IGE family.

Ne Aung


IGE Group