CSR Activities in 2020

IGE Group has donated the sum of Ks.47,350,000.00 in year 2020 up to end of April.

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IGE Group donate rice to vulnerable people On 5 May, 2020

Vulnerable people are anxiety for their daily survival. Trading is slow down. Some factories were shut down. Supply change disrupted. Government asks public to stay at home. Daily income generation breakdown. Breadwinners become worry for their family survival. Many donors also share household basic solutions. IGE Group also shares baskets for rice to the poor community to release anxiety in Covid-19 outbreak. Moreover, IGE Group support cash for fire fighters participated in Covid-19 protections for the communities.

IGE Group support ventilators for Shan State and Chin State in Myanmar On 27 April, 2020

IGE Group donated two ventilator units, worth MMK 30.2 million, for Shan State to fight back the Covid-19. During the outbreak of Covid-19 in Myanmar, ventilators are also needed in the hospitals for those patients with worst effects of infection when the disease caused the lungs to fail. The ventilator can make the patients relax and fully breathing. The machine gives the patient time to fight back the infection and recover. IGE donated MMK 30.2 million. We also thank all the doctors, nurses and volunteers and take care of your selves for fighting back to Covid-19 in Myanmar. IGE Group and New Day Energy Company Limited also donated a ventilator, worth MMK 20.5 million to Tedim township hospital in Chin State.

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Donation for Covid-19 On 8 April, 2020

Myanmar has also the outbreak of Covid-19 and took precautionary measure such as raising awareness of dangerous Covid-19, lockdown procedures, restricting on factories, public transportations, shopping places, social events etc. Many instructions from Government are also being issued very often to be able to control the situation not getting worse. Local authorities, fire departments and community leaders also work together spraying disinfectant in public spaces and high-touch surface of households. On the other hands, many donors also support by donating things on daily basis such as mask, hand sanitizers, rice and cooking oil etc. to who needs. IGE Group also participate in the donation.

IGE prepared and practiced for Covid-19 On 23 March, 2020

IGE Group took prevention measure for its staff from Covid-19 which outbreak throughout the world including Myanmar. Government also make a series of plan to be able to resist Covid-19. Among them, the Sanitizations and social distancing are also the most effective prevention of Covid-19. Corporate Human Resource Departments and other operation department heads led by Group CEO collaborate discussed about how to take the prevention measure in the group. Hand washing tools set at the reception, keeping hand sanitizers and work from home activities are executed by following the instructions of the Ministry of Health and Sports. The Group practiced Work from Home started on March 31 and those who are working in front line public services work under the key government safety advices.

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IGE Group held Myanmar Traditional Htamanae Competition On 13 February, 2020

Htamanae as known as the Glutinous Rice Festival is a traditional event held in every places of the country in February, exactly in Full moon day of Tabodwe, 11th month of the Myanmar Calendar. On the occasion, people celebrated hetmanate making with competition and rewards for the best taste. On the fullmoonday, people donated Htatmanes to Buddha and monks. People also share Htamanae to others during the season.

Making Htamanae is not an easy work, it needs recipe, Glutinous rice, fried coconut shavings, roasted peanuts, toasted sesame, ground nut oil and ginger. Unity and Management is also important factor for the best Htamanae.
IGE Group organised an event of Myanmar Traditional Htamanae Making Competition. All SBUs under the group participated in the competition and the winners received awards. The Group donated Htamane to Shwedagon Pagoda, monks and laymen on the occasion. The Group also served the Htamanae to the children studying at the monastic education school in Hlatharyar township. IGE staff also donated MMK150,000 for the children education.

IGE organized Health Talk for awareness of Cervical Cancer On 23 January, 2020

As part of CSR program, IGE Group organized a Health Talk program at its head office to raise awareness of Cervical Cancer. Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the cells of the cervix — the lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina. Various strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection, play a role in causing most cervical cancer. IGE Group invited Associate Professor Dr. Si Lay Khaing, Consultant O&G (GynaeOncology) Medical Director, Pinlon Hospital & Cancer Centre, Yangon, Myanmar for the talk. The professor shared about Cervical Cancer and advised how to prevent the Cervical Cancer. The staff also questioned about the cervical cancer cases. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the most common types of cancer in males are lung, stomach, liver. Women faces risks of cervical-uteri cancer, breast cancer and causes the majority of diagnosed fatalities in Myanmar.

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IGE Group in corporation with Clean Yangon encourages children to throw rubbish systematically On 3 February, 2020

IGE Group in cooperation with Clean Yangon organized an awareness program for the children who studies in Monastic Education Centre. Clean Yangon is a volunteer group trying to promote a clean city, reduce rubbish scattering, to provide awareness and educating the impact of environment. More than hundreds of poor and orphaned children mostly came from war-hit area refuge the monastic education centre. IGE Group initiate provision of shelter, food and education for the children and now the school is run by many donors.