IGE Land Co., Ltd has completed more than 20 projects for construction of roads and bridges in Myanmar that have created jobs, grown economies, improved the resiliency of Country's infrastructure, increased access to energy, resources, and vital services.

Its cores are values, ethics, safety, quality, people, culture, relationships, innovation and sustainability, and our covenants – integrity, respect, collaboration, trust, and delivery. They are what we believe, what customers can expect, and how we deliver.

Our Vision

Be the one of Myanmar's premier engineering, construction, and project management organization by achieving extraordinary results for our customers, building satisfying careers for our people, and earning a fair return on the value we deliver.


Ethics. We are uncompromising in our integrity, honesty, and fairness.
Culture. We actively build a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative work environment where all views are welcomed, openness is encouraged, and teamwork and merit are cornerstones.
Innovation. We develop and apply world-class technology. We listen, learn, and seek out the best ideas. We evaluate complacency and continually improve.
Sustainability. We improve the quality of life in communities where we work by respecting local cultures, engaging local people, and protecting the environment.

Our People

Our projects have been completed successfully from a balanced compilation of qualified people from our management team and well experienced engineering team. The professional engineers (PE), the registered senior engineers (RSE) and the registered engineers (RE) who accredited by Myanmar Engineering Council are our core values of achievement. The company is proud to run business with fairness, encouraging all the employees to grow together with the company.

Our Machinery

The effective performance of our owned machinery is one of the key factor for our successful projects.

Health, Safety and Environment

We are emphasizing to keep people safe from harm, and we provide a healthy work environment. Preventing accidents and ill health caused by work is a key priority for everyone at our work site.

Environmental protection is also preferential for us. Environment plays an important role in the healthy living of human beings. We control environmental impact from our work systematically.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Built upon time-tested values of excellence and integrity. This means working to the highest ethical standards and being measured by the enduring quality of our projects. We believe that Quality control is essential to building a successful business that delivers services that meet or exceed customers' expectations.