Referral Policy


  1. To reward existing employees who participate in finding suitable and qualified candidates for opened position(s) of IGE Group of Companies by giving reference.
  2. To reduce recruitment cost per hire and decrease turnover rate.


This Policy applies to all Employees of IGE Group of Companies except Human Resources Department (HRD) personnel, Hiring Managers (related HODs), Senior Management (GM and above positions) and existing employee who refers to his/her immediate family members to different SUBs.


  1. Employee Referral Program: It is an internal recruitment method employed by IGE Group of Companies to introduce potential candidates from their existing employees' social networks.
  2. Referrer Employee: An existing employee who introduces potential candidates to Company for open position(s).
  3. Referred Candidate(s): A candidate(s) who is/are referred or introduced by existing employee for opened position(s) in Company.


  1. Human Resources Personnel, Senior Management (GM and above positions),Hiring Managers (related HODs) and existing employee who refers to his/her immediate family members to different SUBs cannot involve this policy.
  2. Employees of IGE Group of Companies are eligible the Employee Referral Program by referring to any opened position(s) of IGE Group of Companies.
  3. The numbers of referred potential candidates are not limited for one open position.
  4. Employees can refer potential candidates as many times as they can without limitation for different open positions.
  5. The candidate who meets the required qualification with good working attitude for opened position is only eligible to refer and recommend.
  6. The Referred Candidates have to follow according to Recruitment & Selection Policy (HR-PP-R&S-001) and no special treatments have to be given.
  7. If the same candidate is referred by multiple employees or other channels (directly apply to Human Resources Department - HRD, social networks, external networks, other recruitment sources, Company data banks, etc.), the first receiving channel or employee is only eligible.
  8. The recommendation period of candidates referred by the Employees will be valid six months from the initial introduction date of candidate CV received.
  9. Referrer Employee is only eligible the referral reward when the referred candidate becomes permanent employee after probation period.
  10. If referrer employee quits from company before referred candidate gets confirmation, the referral incentive is not entitled to this employee.
  11. All employee referral incentive payments must be approved by HRD before communicating the payment details to the employees.
  12. The Referral Incentive is awarded as follow;
    Candidates’ PositionReferral Amount
    1.Manager and above levels (EG4 & above) 200,000
    2.Assistant Manager levels (EG3) 100,000
    3.Senior Executive/Executive levels (EG1 to EG2) 50,000
    4.Non-Executive levels (NE) 20,000
  13. The Referrer Employee must follow the referral payment processes.


    1. HRD announces the opened positions within the organization by mail/ notice board/ the Collaboration platform (intranet; i.e. team, yammer, etc.).
    2. The Referrer Employees must fill the Referral Form (HR-FM-R&S-016) and submit by mail or directly in person to HRD if they can refer candidate who fits with the requirements of opened position from their networks.
  1. If the Referrer Employee wants to refer for other SBU’s open vacancies, he/she must fill the Referral Form (HR-FM-R&S-016) and get acknowledgement from his/her Head of HR then submit it to the hiring SBU’s HRD directly by mail/in person.
  2. Hiring HR must check the referral form and needs to inform to Referrer Employee if the same candidate is received from other channels.
  3. Hiring HR must review and check the resume with the requirements of vacant position and follow as per Recruitment and Selection Policy (HR-PP-R&S001) if the candidate matches with the requirements.
  4. HRD informs the Referral Employee whether the referred candidate is being selected or not.
  5. Referral incentive payment to be proceeded based on Referral Incentive Awarded amount after referred candidate has successfully completed the probationary period and appointed as PE.
  6. Hiring HR must complete the Referral Form (HR-FM-R&S-016) and submit the Referral Incentive payment request to Finance Department within one week after confirmation.
  7. Finance Department must arrange the referral incentive payment within two weeks after receiving referral incentive payment request form from HRD.
  8. Finance Department must inform to the referrer employee and HRD to collect the referral incentive reward after approved payment.
  9. Referrer Employee completes and signs the Referral Form (HR-FM-R&S-016) and submits copy to HRD after collect the referral incentive reward from Finance Department.
  10. HRD must attach this Referral Form (HR-FM-R&S-016) in respective employees’ personal file.