Tea Time Talk Policy


To create positive learning experiences for employees by sharing related business experiences, knowledge and ideas across the organization to enhance performance and career development.


Tea Time Talk (TTT): Tea Time Talks progress in response to the need for more spaces for informal discussion of sharing knowledge and ideas among colleagues across the organization. IGE Tea Time Talk section mainly focuses on experienced based knowledge and ideas. Tea Time Talks are designed for open, frank discussion and problem-solving collectively.


  1. Corporate Human Resources Department – Learning and Development (CHR– L&D) Section will lead all Tea Time Talk (TTT) Sections.
  2. CHR – L&D have to make survey to identify the current needs of organisation and employees before announcing the TTT’s schedule.
  3. CHR – L&D confirm the topics with the Speaker bi-yearly/yearly.
  4. CHR – L&D Section needs to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of TTT sections regularly.
  5. SHR needs to make sure that candidates are not absent in registered TTT section without acceptable reasons.
  6. HOD needs to co-operate to ensure that the registered TTT section by employees are suited with their needs and requirements for development.
  7. Speaker will present a programming topic to the group, and then facilitate a conversation about the topic, including challenges, solutions and ideas.
  8. The audients of TTT must be 10 pax.
  9. Guidelines for Speaker
    • Each talk should start punctually.
    • TTT’s sharing can either be an overview of a relevant paper or Powerpoint presentation slides.
    • Speaker must focus on transmitting information as efficiently as possible.
    • Speaker needs to share the required documents and materials for presentation which is related with confirmed topics to CHR-L&D at least 1 week ahead before the TTT section starts.
    • Each talk is allowed to take about an (1) hour including 40 minutes sharing session + 10 minutes Q & A session + 10 minutes networking session.
    • Speaker is responsible to pass over disruptive questions if the audients divert from the talk.
  10. Guidelines for Audients
    1. Audients are responsible to join the talk punctually.
    2. If audients are late for 10 minutes, they will not be allowed to join the talk.
    3. Audients are not allowed to be absent without acceptable reasons.
    4. Audients are allowed using the mobile phone during the talk only if trainer allows for learning purposes related with the topics.
    5. Audients are responsible to ask only related questions to the talk.
    6. Disruptive questions are not allowed to ask during the talk.


  1. CHR-L&D will distribute Survey related to identify the needs and requirements of the organization and employees yearly.
  2. CHR-L&D will overview the survey’s result to plan the TTT schedule.
  3. CHR-L&D will contact and choose the speakers by confirming the required topics for the talk.
  4. CHR-L&D will announce TTT schedule bi-yearly/yearly by email and yammer.
  5. Tea Time Talk Registration

    If the employee is interested to join the talk,

    • Check the TTT schedule
    • Inform and register to related SHR at least 3 weeks ahead.
    • Register to CHR-L&D by SHR at least 2 weeks ahead.
    • Then join the talk on announced date.

  6. Once the talk finishes, audients must fill the evaluation survey related with the talk and the speaker to improve further programs.
  7. CHR-L&D will compile the evaluation survey’s result.
  8. CHR-L&D will take records for identification of further programs.