Transfer Policy


To serve as a guide line of IGE group  staff for applying Internal transfer by enhancing talent movements within the organization for achieving target, goals, long-term organisational sustainability and growth.


The scope covers for all permanent employees in any business unit of IGE Group of Companies.

  1. Transfer: A transfer is defined as changing positions for a lateral move which is a move to a position with the same or similar job title in the same pay grade, department change, job change and transfer to different department. A change in job title, reporting structure, change in responsibilities, or any other modification to a current position, is not considered a transfer. Promotion transfer is not entitled in this position.
  2. Permanent Employee (PE) is an employee who has successfully completed the probationary period and is appointed as PE under the regular employment in a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) or Corporate Business Unit (CBU) of IGE Group of Companies.


  1. The policy allows the transfer within the same SBU for all PE.
  2. Internal Transfer application by employees is only allowed for Senior Manager and below positions.
  3. Eligibility Criteria

    The employee who meets the following criteria is allowed to apply for transfer process:

    • Must have at least one (1) Year Service as permanent employee in current department.
    • Technical Competency must be matched with minimum requirement of new position.
    • Performance Appraisal System (PAS)’s Result must be at least “Meet Expectation”.
    • Must not have any active written warning record
    • When the employee applies for transfer, he or she must receive permission from Head of Department (HOD).
    • The applicant will be interviewed by receiving department according to Recruitment and Selection Policy (HR-PP-R&S-001).
    • The receiving department has right to reject if the candidate does not meet their requirement.
    • If the applicant is successful for all process, their service year will be carried forward to the new position.
    • Level of Job and Salary can be adjusted and negotiated based on the practices of receiving department during personal interview.
    • If the employee is not successful in interview process, the current department must allow him/her to continue working in his/her current position with No Prejudice.
    • The effective date of transfer can be decided by releasing HOD according to operation needs within official notice period of the employee (1 month notice Manager and Below, 2 months’ notice = DGM and Above) which is effective from the date of giving official offer letter to the employee.
    • The employee and releasing HOD is responsible for completing required handover process before official joining to another department.


  1. According to Recruitment and Selection Policy (HR-PP-R&S-001), Human Resources Department (HRD) will inform the internal vacancy announcement within the organisation.
  2. If employee is interested in an opened-vacancy, he or she has to contact related HRD for additional information related with vacant position and check the eligibility.
  3. If the employee is eligible to apply transfer, he or she must get permission from current HOD.
  4. After receiving permission from current HOD, the employee can apply directly to related HR with transfer request letter (HR-FM-OS-003) and transfer application form (HR-FM-OS-004).
  5. Related HRD will provide required information such as performance result and disciplinary record to recruiting HOD with applicant’s CV.
  6. If the applicant is shortlisted, related HRD will contact for personal interview with recruiting HOD.
  7. When the employee is successful in interview process, related HRD will inform employee with official offer letter and benefit package of new position.
  8. Related HRD must complete transfer process within one week of official offer letter has sent.
  9. Employee must complete handover and clearance process within notice period.
  10. Related HRD will keep the original transfer form (HR-FM-OS-004) in employee’s personal file when the employee on-boards to new position.


Process Requested by Verified by First Approval Second Approval Agreed by
Senior Manager & below position Employee Related HRD Releasing HOD Receiving HOD BU’s Head